Air cleaner for 20m², 64W, soundless

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Air cleaner for 20m², 64W, soundless

Ion air purifier - rid the air of bacteria, viruses and bad smells in a flash!

• Light and portable
• Silent
• No instant maintenance
• Cleans the air in all rooms
• Eliminates, for example, the smell of cigarettes, the smell of pets, as well as bacteria and viruses in the air in a matter of minutes
• Simply plug it into the socket

The air cleaner eliminates:
• Bacteria in the air
• cigarette smoke
• Viruses
• Unpleasant smells
• Pet smell
• Food smell

Perfect for:
• kitchens
• Pets lounge
• living room
• Bedroom

No maintenance - always fresh and clean air!

Dimensions: approx. 116 x 108 x 90mm
Weight: approx.168g
Range: for rooms up to 20m²
64 watts

Simplest application:
Connect the air purifier to an electrical outlet. Please note that the device has no on / off button; it goes into operation as soon as it is connected to the power supply. The green indicator lamp lights up as soon as the device is in operation. Press the rotary switch as far as it will go to get the maximum performance of the ionizer, then adjust it as required. There is an odor of ionization (after damp earth) at the outlet opening of the air cleaner. This smell of ionization is normal and only shows that the device is working properly. Operate the air purifier for at least two or three hours so that the smell of ionization gradually spreads throughout the room.
Article name Air cleaner
Anwendung eliminates bacteria, viruses, odors
External dimension length 116.00
Dimensions width mm 108.00
Dimensions height mm 90.00

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