Anti-fog lens cloth cotton - 24-hour protection

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  • Material: Cotton

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Anti-fog lens cloth cotton - 24-hour protection

Are you also annoyed of fogged up glasses when walking into a warm room from the cold environment outside?

Now there is FINALLY THE SOLUTION FOR ON THE GO: The effective anti-fog cloth for glasses with a special anti-fog effect.
Made of natural cotton.

Long-lasting clear view!

In our range we offer the glasses spray with anti-fogging under reference 353614 and the glasses foam with anti-fogging under reference 353613.
The best cleaner for your glasses at home! However, the liquids are rather impractical for on the go if you don't have a dry cloth to hand.

Therefore there is now the specially developed and repeatedly tested GLASSES CLOTH with ANTI-FOG EFFECT!
In contrast to the (few) other anti-fog cloths on the market, our cloth has a lasting effect. The "breath" test shows it: if you breathe on the glasses - before and after using the cloth - you will immediately notice the difference.

Anyone who wears a face mask knows the immediate fogging of the glasses when you move from cold to warm rooms, to the bakery or to the supermarket. We of course immediately tested the cloth: the anti-fog effect works immediately and effectively.

The manufacturer promises that the anti-fog effect lasts up to 24 hours and generally allows up to 300 applications.
The much stronger cloth made in Germany does not fog up glasses even when wearing a face mask.

Size: 180 x 180 mm

The same effect, but the cloth made of MICROFIBER, is available under our reference 358266 (Approx. from the beginning of January 2021).
Article name Glasses cloth anti-fog
Material Cotton
Special feature 24 hour protection
Anwendung Anti-fogging for glasses, optics, visors
Manufacturer name Anti-Beschlag
Inhalt 1.00
External dimension length 180.00
Dimensions width mm 180.00

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