Room disinfectant for humidifiers

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Room disinfectant for humidifiers

The ideal addition to our ultrasonic humidifier with reference 357534.

Use our BioDes ultrasonic room disinfectant concentrate to disinfect your rooms.

The mist, which is extremely finely atomized by our ultrasonic air humidifiers, wets all surfaces, which means that the active ingredient can wet ceilings, walls and devices, ventilation ducts, air conditioning systems, food and furniture. The mist thus serves as a carrier and transports the biocide evenly into all areas, even those that are difficult to access, thus closing all common disinfection gaps.

Contents: 1 liter

The innovative air disinfection eliminates germs in the air and thus reduces the risk of infection!

• BioDes is pH-neutral, residue-free and non-toxic
• Reliably works against bacteria, viruses, fungi, hormone and antibiotic residues
• Particularly effective against MRSA, ASP and coronavirus
• Helps allergy sufferers
• Eliminates unwanted odors
• No effect gaps and resistance build-up known
• No known allergic reactions
• No dangerous goods, easy and inexpensive to use
• No ingredients that need to be declared
• No organic chemistry, made from water and table salt
• No problematic residues, no special disposal
• Scalable product specifications (redox potential, pH value, oxidizing power and salt content) for different uses
• Without hydrogen peroxide, copper or silver ions, without aldehydes, dyes and fragrances, tested according to DGHM guidelines.


• Room disinfection, e.g. residential and office rooms, homes, kindergartens, storage rooms
• Disinfection of vehicles such as cars, ambulances, buses, animal transporters
• Air disinfection, e.g. in garbage sorting plants, composting plants, grain mills
• Disinfecting cleaning of air conditioning systems (air conditioning systems)
• Air hygiene, e.g. in the case of tobacco smoke, the smell of animals, smoke or rot
• Dust binding

The BioDes ultrasonic room disinfectant concentrate is ideally suited for our air humidifier (reference 357534).
(Can also be used with third-party devices, but the product is matched to the ultrasonic frequency of the 357534, which means that the effect can be considerably higher)
Article name Room disinfection
Anwendung for humidifier 357534
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