Ultrasonic humidifier for rooms up to 50m²

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Ultrasonic humidifier for rooms up to 50m²

Whether at home or in the business: clean, pleasant air to breathe ensures a pleasant feeling of well-being!

Enjoy healthy air through hygienic and natural humidification.


A humidifier prevents dry air, which first causes problems for the eyes and mucous membranes and then for the whole body - which is made of 60% water. Especially in winter it can happen that the humidity in rooms is well below the recommended values ​​of 40% to 60%. This is due to "dry" heating, but also to the often recommended ventilation: In absolute terms, the cold outside air contains less water vapor. If the living or business premises are ventilated, the air, which is poor in water vapor, flows in. The result: If the air in the room warms up, the air humidity "relatively" decreases, since warm air can absorb much more water vapor than cold air. This is how the dry room air is created in winter. Even in summer, air conditioning systems can cause drying effects.

When there is insufficient moisture in the air, many people and animals get poor air and often suffer from a dry, itchy feeling in the eyes, nose and throat. Dry air disrupts your sleep and can cause allergies and respiratory problems.

Our ultrasonic humidifier works with precision against dry air. It distributes humidified air evenly throughout the room and spreads far fewer bacteria compared to air humidifiers with sound wave technology.

Water can contain minerals, calcium, and magnesium. When the water droplets land on your furniture, walls, and floors, they often leave a white residue. With our ultrasonic humidifier you don't have to worry about that. The molecules of the particularly fine, invisible mist generated by the ultrasonic humidifier are too small to transport minerals. Instead, the minerals stay where they belong, namely in the water tank, so that you can easily remove them. And because the haze is so fine, it stays in the air longer and avoids damp spots on nearby surfaces.

• Natural evaporation process for optimal performance
• Spreads fewer bacteria than humidifiers with sound wave technology
• Avoids wet spots and white dust
• No risk of burns from hot water or warm steam

• Continuous operation
• Ideal for rooms up to 50 m²
• Automatic shutdown when the water tank is empty
• Operating volume below 25 dB

• Power supply: 230 volts
• Performance: max. 28 watts
• Cable length approx. 230 cm
• Dimensions (W x H x D) mm: 150 x 340 x 150
• Tank volume: 2.2 liters

Use our indoor air concentrates to transform your rooms into fragrant oases.
The water-soluble room fresheners are ideal for use with the ultrasonic air humidifier.

• The room freshener Citrus & Green Tea (our reference 357536) has a refreshing, aromatic, invigorating, motivating effect, calming your soul and creating an intense atmosphere of wellbeing.
• The room freshener Gardenia (our reference 357537), on the other hand, works against restlessness, headaches, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression and also against stress.
• The room freshener Lavender (our reference 357538) has a refreshing, invigorating, calming, anxiety-relieving and mood-enhancing effect. In addition, the medicinal plant is also recommended for restlessness, problems falling asleep or depressive moods. It can also be used to repel mosquitoes and other insects.
• Mixing ratio: depending on how scented you like the air to be, about 1/2 to one full cap of the scent freshener.

• Use our ultrasonic room disinfectant concentrate with reference 357535 to disinfect your rooms.
The mist, which is extremely finely atomized by our ultrasonic air humidifiers, wets all surfaces, which means that the active ingredient can wet ceilings, walls and devices, ventilation ducts, air conditioning systems, food and furniture. The mist thus serves as a carrier and transports the biocide evenly into all areas, even those that are difficult to access.

• Mixing ratio: 1: 2 (approx. 1.4 liters of water, the rest ist filled with the disinfectant concentrate)
Article name Air humidifyer ultrasonic
Special feature Ultrasound
Anwendung for rooms up to 50m²
Inhalt 1.00
External dimension length 150.00
Dimensions width mm 340.00
Dimensions height mm 150.00
Volt/Hz 230 V
Watt 28

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