Pastaclean Power encruster for oven and grill, 1 liter, incl. accessories

Pastaclean Power encruster for oven and grill, 1 liter, incl. accessories

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Pastaclean Power encruster for oven and grill, 1 liter, incl. accessories

Finally: a really effective cleaner for stubborn burnt-in items and incrustations - otherwise difficult to remove, if at all possible.

The Pastaclean Power Encruster is a powerful professional and odorless cleaner. It is strong against incrustations, burnt-in, baked-on and stubborn fat deposits. The Pastaclean Power Encruster consists of renewable, symbiotic raw materials and is characterized by its high degree of efficiency and a very short exposure time. This removes all dirt easily and quickly.

Thanks to the power foam that is created, the Pastaclean Power Encruster adheres excellently to surfaces, which is of course ideal for cleaning ovens and grill grates as well as fireplace panes. The exposure time is between 10 and 15 minutes, depending on the degree of soiling, and no pungent vapors are released.

The Pastaclean Power Encruster is ideal for cleaning ovens, grill racks, microwaves, hobs, deep fryers, pot and pan bases, casserole dishes, baking trays, fireplace panes, etc.

More power for the oven and grill in a natural way is impossible:

• Powerful & strong against incrustations
• Short exposure time
• Odorless
• No fumes
• Made from renewable raw materials

You can get the Power Encruster from us as a 1 liter container with a sponge and cloth!


Remove coarse soiling e.g. from the grill grate or baking sheet with a brush. Now put the Pastaclean Power Encruster on a damp sponge and apply the cleaning gel to the surfaces to be cleaned. Now let the cleaner work for up to 15 minutes and remove the loosened dirt with a damp paper towel. If not all dirt has been completely removed, repeat the process. After cleaning, wash all surfaces thoroughly with clean water.

Test product compatibility in a concealed area. Attention! Do not allow the product to dry out on the surface.

Tip: The Power Encruster can be diluted 1:10 to 1:20 for light grease soiling on surfaces.
Brand Pastaclean
Dangerous goods from quantity 25
Article name Power Encruster
Special feature incl. accessories
Version Oven & grill
Content 1000.00

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