Starlyr ultrasonic tooth cleaner

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Starlyr ultrasonic tooth cleaner

Radiant white and well-groomed teeth thanks to ultrasound - easy at home! For safe and residue-free cleaning!

Good oral hygiene can prevent periodontal disease - the bacterial disease that affects the teeth holding apparatus.
Periodontitis can be caused by poor oral hygiene, tartar, hormonal changes, personal susceptibility, smoking or metabolic disorders.

To prevent diseases in the mouth, brush your teeth at least twice a day and regularly use dental floss and interdental brushes to remove plaque from the spaces between the teeth.

• Our professional tooth cleaner for at home offers great support for optimal oral hygiene.

With 3000 ultrasonic vibrations per minute, Starlyf Ultrasonic effectively removes food residues and dental plaque - for beautiful and healthy teeth. The proven cleaning performance of ultrasound reliably dissolves plaque and tartar that has built up on your teeth. The tooth cleaner reliably removes plaque, discoloration and tartar and gets into the smallest gaps - where a normal toothbrush can't! Carefully but thoroughly.

• Also ideal for crowns, implants, veneers (veneer shell)

The tooth cleaner is ergonomically shaped, non-slip and therefore particularly handy.

The Starlyr ultrasonic tooth cleaner comes with
• An Ultrasonic tooth cleaner
• A dental mirror
• A tongue cleaner

Simple application!
The professional tooth cleaner is operated with an AAA battery (Micro / LR03), which you can order under reference 2625010.
An LED illuminates the tooth space so that you can use the tooth cleaner in a targeted manner.
Cordless, compact - also ideal for on the go!

A replacement attachment set, our reference 358056, is also available as an accessory.
Article name Tooth cleaner ultrasonic
Special feature for crowns, implants etc.
Application professional tooth cleaning
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