Pain Gone, 2 sticks

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Pain Gone, 2 sticks

Clicks instead of medication - Pain®Gone! Electrical impulses stimulate the formation of the body's endorphins!

Benefit set: 2 pieces!

Pain®Gone looks like a thick ballpoint pen and is just as easy to use. It does not need a battery or socket and is therefore ready for use anytime and anywhere.

What is Pain®Gone?
Pain®Gone? is a patented device that can be used in a variety of ways. Inside there are piezo crystals (similar to an electric lighter). By pressing the button down, these crystals trigger a short high-voltage pulse (approx.15,000 volts).

How does Pain®Gone work?
The device is used with pinpoint accuracy. The electrical impulse sends a "cry for help" through the nerve pathway to the brain, whereupon endorphins (also known as
Happiness hormones) are released, which triggers an immediate feeling of wellbeing at the point in question.

Is Pain®Gone Safe?
The device is produced with the highest quality standards and is constantly checked. The housing is sealed and cannot be manipulated. The high voltage generated only works where it should. Pain®Gone lasts approximately 100,000 clicks (i.e. several years) and is absolutely maintenance-free. Pain®Gone can be used in a variety of ways - without any medication and known side effects. There is no risk of overdosing.

The scope of delivery includes an instruction booklet with a detailed and clear description of the device and the acupuncture points.

• no medication - no side effects known
• versatile
• handy small - can be used anytime and anywhere
• simple, quick application
• Class IIa medical device, CE approved
• internationally patented

(Controversy note: In Germany and Europe, the effectiveness of the device has not been proven. Neither the manufacturer nor the seller promise a healing effect.
Do not use: with a pacemaker, during pregnancy, on metal prostheses, for epilepsy, on the head and carotid arteries, on the larynx and pharynx muscles and in the front area of ​​the neck, above the heart, in the area around the eyes.)
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