Quartz Movement-Set

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Quartz Movement-Set

Made in Germany

Ideal for Starters!


Hanger, centre-mounting screw, rubber washer.
One ea. antique-style hands gold-coloured and black 75/50 mm long;
one ea. baton-style hands gold-coloured and black 75/55 mm long;
two ea. seconds hands gold-coloured and black, 60 mm long.

Fit-up Ø
78 mm
1.5V AA cell

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Zeigerwerklänge in mm Zifferblattdicke in mm Kaliber Typ Article number Order No. Hand shaft length b Dial thickness a price
16.50 bis 7mm UTS 800 Quarz 334438 334438 16.5 mm up to 7 mm 9,95 € *

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13.50 bis 3mm UTS 800 Quarz 334357 334357 13.5 mm up to 3 mm 9,95 € * to the product

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