Quartz pendulum clock movement Hermle 2200, HSL 21mm

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  • Hand wavelength mm: 21

Product.Nr. 4123-104675

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Quartz pendulum clock movement Hermle 2200, HSL 21mm

Strong pendulum movement, ideal for installation in wall clocks of all kinds.
Please order matching pendulum separately.
Equipment: integrated hanger, complete installation accessories
Matching hands up to max. 120mm long, second hand up to 80mm long
Installation Ø: 100mm
Unit length mm
Dimensions width mm 56.00
Dimensions height mm 28.00
External dimension length 108.00
N° de calibre 2200
Hand hole Ø second mm 0.8
Hand hole Ø hour mm 5
Typ Quartz
Marke Hermle
Battery LR6
Funktion Pendulum
Hand wavelength mm 21
Hand fit Euro standard
Fixing Central bolt
Square internal dimensions length mm 2.8
Square internal dimensions width mm 3.5
Central hole Ø mm 10
Punch type ohne Schlag
Schlagton ohne Schlag
Zifferblattdicke up to 13 mm
Manufacturer name MS
1-A dimension mm 13.00
2-B dimension mm 22.00
Dimension mm 3-C 56.00
Dimension 4-D mm 59.00

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4123-104675 MS Pendulum movement 21 up to 13 mm Quartz ohne Schlag 14,95 € *

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