RC Pendulum Movement FW with electronic chimes

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RC Pendulum Movement FW with electronic chimes

"German Technology"

Fully electronic chimes with three different modes to choosefrom:
- Full 4/4 Westminster chimes.
- bim-bam chimes at half and full hours (hours are counted).
- Westminster or bim-bam chimes at full hours only.
Listen (mp3)

Dimensional Sketch (PDF):
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Fit-up Ø Max. 190 mm
Time synchronisation Every full hour

Plese order suitable hands separately.

Please order pendulum separately!

Including: Chime selector and silencer, night time volume reduction or shut-off, volume control. built-in antenna, fully automatic time synchronisation with 2 motors, 80mm second hand, pre-wired Ø 66mm loudspeaker, integrated hanger, complete mounting hardware.
Please note: The hands of this movement should be protected by a glass cover. Metal cases or dials can impair the time signal reception!


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RC Pendulum Movement FW with electronic chimes

Clock hands No. 72

Battery Size AA, LR 6

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