Chainsaw extra hardened, extra chromed, extra long chain 130cm!

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Chainsaw extra hardened, extra chromed, extra long chain 130cm!

Garden handheld chain saw Professionell-C extra long!

Technical data
- Saw chain: 144 members
- Saw blade length 130cm
- Chain links: 144 links
- Weight 500 g
- operating length/ reach: 72cm

Product information

- Easy to say from high branches
- Sawing in places that are difficult to access and under water
- Low application of force
- Handy, light, space-saving.

Please see picture for full information.
Our chainsaw is "extra": Extra hardened, extra chromed - and extra long!!


Particularly quiet, sharp, flexible, compact, space-saving and always ready to use: With the handheld chain saw Extra Plus will be branches and roots in the Nu away. Especially in difficult to access and remote set makes use of its strengths: small trees to fences and walls, closely following shrubs, root systems, high-located branches - with our handheld chain saw extra is all this quickly and with little effort. Self-PVC tubes and dry wood are hereby in no time at all to the desired level is shortened.
The saw works quickly and saves energy. 90 chain links with 160 teeth surround the branch and saw at all points of contact. That is more effective than sawing with a single blade. She says in both directions. A prevents the saw sticking, since the teeth cut a wider - i.e up in the wood than the width of the saw back. The saw blade guide pulls the saw is always in the right position. You can set the saw together in a bag with a loop on your belt also.

Included in delivery

- Saw chain with 90 members
- 2 handles
- 1 x 4 m nylon cord
- User manual.
- Storage pouch.
Articlename Hand chainsaw
Application trees, PVC-tubes and many more
LxWxH 1300.00

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