ProtectPax liquid screen protector

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ProtectPax liquid screen protector

Revolutionary - not only for watch glasses but also for smartphones, tablets, and anything with sensitive displays or glasses. (According to the manufacturer, the liquid is excellent not only on mobile phone displays but also on watches, glasses, and sunglasses.)
The reactions by watchmakers who tested ProtectPax for us have been positive.

The invisible and effective protection for the display is the perfect solution against breakage and scratches!
- Compatible with all glass surfaces
- 9H hardness (as hard as sapphire and ruby)
- Water repellent, hydrophobic effect
- No functional impairment (such as touch function, readability, etc.)
- Lasts up to 12 months
- 100% invisible
- Up to 600% harder

The seal of ProtectPax includes special particles. They are made of titanium oxide, which is one of the toughest manufacturable materials, second only to aluminium oxide. These particles smooth the surface of the watch glass or display since the particles always arrange themselves in a so-called crystal lattice. This lattice in turn ensures that the display/glass remains taut - and thus offers greater stability as the molecules hold the protective layer together more strongly.
Another benefit of ProtectPax: The touch function of displays is not impacted. Due to the seal, any touches in particular are transmitted to the display so that there is no impairment of the control. ProtectPax is 100% invisible so it will not cause any visual effects when used on watch glasses or displays. The liquid screen protector is easy to apply.

Included in the scope of supply:
- 1 x cartridge with liquid (0.8g)
- 1 x cleaning cloth
- 1 x drying cloth
- 1 x microfibre cloth

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The screen protector has already been tested by watchmakers and members of watch forums. One user wrote us: ""If the liquid screen protector protects screens against scratches and damage, why not my watch? So I bought it and treated my complete watch collection according to instructions. The agent remains completely invisible. And none of the watches that I wore showed any visible damage. Absolutely great! The agent also works great on eyeglass lenses.""

Finally available again (with new packaging due to legal issues), the proven and revolutionary quality has not changed.
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