Schwanheimer Industry Glue no. 100

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Schwanheimer Industry Glue no. 100

One of the most popular adhesives in Germany: connects with and among each other permanently materials such as metal, wood, rubber, GRP, natural and synthetic rubber, ceramics, porcelain, stone, glass, plastic u.v.m. Solvent-free, 1-component adhesive, content 20g. Especially recommended by goldsmiths and jewelery designers, especially when used with Activator Plus (For porous materials such as gypsum, wood, clay, ceramics, leather (shoes), stone, etc.) For bonding where no pressure can be exerted (Model making, jewelry) or very high strengths are required.). Properties: - Quick-drying, quick curing, easy to apply - Suitable for transparent gluing on plexiglas, glass stones such as similis and zirconia, pearls and rubber - Without blooming - the glued area does not leave a white border and does not bloom - Adhesions largely waterproof and resistant to moisture or chemicals - Low viscosity - Temperature resistance: - 55 ° C to + 95 ° C - Stable over several years (TIP: The best storage can be achieved in the refrigerator with the capillary nozzles (Do not store with the screw cap!) Application: The plan - and precisely fitting surfaces of the parts to be bonded must be dry, free of rust, grease, dust and adhesives (pre-cleaning eg with Cleaner Reference 345577) Apply adhesive on one side and spotwise or thinly, by applying pressure to the adhesive surfaces (contact pressure / oxygen removal ) the bonding is initiated, without pressure a correction is instantaneous g Allow the glued parts to rest for a few minutes without load, depending on the material, the final strength varies. It is recommended to carry out self-tests on the suitability. Opening, dosing and storage: Cut the tip of the bottle (drip tip) at the notch. Store vertically. For longer storage, close the drip tip airtight with the micro capillary nozzle (fine dosing tip) or candle wax. Protect adhesives from direct sunlight or heat.
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