Colourplast Starter Set

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Colourplast Starter Set

Colouraplast - these are small transparent polystyrene beads, which are melted in a metal or silicone mold in the oven and then used as decorative discs. It creates unique sun catcher, decor and window pictures, wonderfully colorful and playful! A hobby that makes you happy! The material content of our popular starter set leads to a first crafting experience. This makes it possible to get to know this fascinating plastic technology in a practical way. The small Colouraplast beads are melted into a metal mold so that they form transparent colored discs that can then be hung in the window as decorative sun catchers. Let the effect excite you when the sun shines on the windows. Package Contents: - 1 enamel mold each in Ø 80mm and Ø 132mm. - 1 bag each Colouraplast in the colors: mid-red, dark blue, grass green, lemon yellow, orange, transparent, each 30g. Incl. manuals.
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