WEICON Bike care set

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WEICON Bike care set

With the bike care set from WEICON, of course Made in Germany, you are well prepared for the cycling season!

Whether it's a trip through the forest, over the gravel road in the mountains or a normal trip into town - a bike has to go through a lot on its journeys. Our three-part set, consisting of:

• Drive cleaner
• Care spray PTFE
• Special chain oil

• THE DRIVE CLEANER improves the running properties of the bicycle chain and the basic lubrication of the rear derailleur, chain and sprocket is retained.
The powerful special cleaner can be used universally and cleans, degreases and evaporates completely without leaving any residue. The spray removes dirt from bicycle chains, chainrings, sprockets, rear derailleurs, rims etc., removes bearing grease, is acid-free and does not attack the treated surfaces. The cleaner is even suitable for sensitive surfaces such as plastics, rubber materials or carbon. Due to the residue-free evaporation, the drive cleaner can also be used to remove dirt from the brakes and braking surfaces. Content: 400ml.

• THE CARE SPRAY offers the 4-in-1 solution: cleaner, corrosion protection, lubricant and contact spray with a special PTFE formula. The spray is a cleaner, corrosion protection, lubricant and contact spray in one product and, thanks to a special PTFE formula, gently and reliably cares for all surfaces on your bike (e.g. frame, spokes, mudguard). The care product leaves a shiny, weather-resistant protective film without sticking. Also suitable for lubricating mechanical components or maintaining electrical contacts. Important: Do not spray on brake discs / pads or tires. Content: 150ml.

• Thanks to a special PTFE formula, the high-performance SPECIAL CHAIN ​​OIL ensures that the bicycle chain and other moving parts on the bike run extremely smoothly. Ideal for lubrication and for protecting against dirt on the bicycle chain, sprocket, cassette, rear derailleur and Co. The white oil allows easy visual control of the lubricated areas. Shake well before use. Contents: 30 ml.
Marke Weicon
Article name Bike care set
Anwendung Drive cleaner, chain oil, care spray
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