Pastaclean stain remover, 1 tube

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Pastaclean stain remover, 1 tube

The classic!

• Dissolves stubborn stains and dirt
• Patented, improved formulation
• For all materials
• For carpets, upholstered furniture, car seats, clothing, curtains, jewelry, plastics, leather
• Dermatologically tested hand cleaner
• The stain remover for all cases - universal cleaning concentrate

• Application:
Rub Pastaclean stain killer into a damp white cloth and work on the stain. It should be noted here that the agent removes some stains in seconds, while others require a longer exposure time or the process must be repeated. If a stain becomes lighter, it usually vanishes completely.

Rinse the fabric after removing the stain. Sensitive fabrics (velvet, silk, leather, etc.) and textiles that cannot be rinsed out (jackets, costumes, etc.) should only be treated with distilled water, otherwise lime stains could develop.

• Tip:
Pastaclean stain killer does not dry out, can be stored for years if the tube is carefully closed after use. Pastaclean stain paste is a chemical product and should be stored safely away from children.

• Note:
Pastaclean stain killer is not only a stain remover, but also a decolorizer. That is why colored, i.e. also single-colored textiles such as outerwear, carpets, upholstery, curtains etc. must be checked for color fastness at an invisible point (hem, inner seam, patches etc.).

• Safety instructions: The paste should not be swallowed, avoid contact with the eyes (in the event of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with water and consult a doctor) and ensure adequate ventilation during use. May irritate the eyes. Do not mix with acid, otherwise toxic gases can be produced.

With us you get the stain killer with a special sponge

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Brand Pastaclean
Article name Stain remover
Special feature with special sponge
Anwendung removes all stains
Manufacturer name Pastaclean
Inhalt 100.00
Unit content ml

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