2-component watch glass glue

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2-component watch glass glue

For firm gluing of watch glasses, gemstones, and others.

The 2-component watch glass glue is ideal for bonds that must meet the highest standards. The adhesive is resistant to chemicals, such as dilute acids and alkalis, petrol, many solvents, and moisture.
Benefits of the 2C glue: It dries clear and distinguishes itself - in comparison with fast-curing 2-component epoxy resins - by proper processing with very high resistance to yellowing (with minimal intrinsic colour).

Suitable for bonding glass, ceramics, wood, stone, concrete, marble, metals, thermosets, many hard plastics, glass fibre reinforced plastics, and Styrofoam®.
Not suitable for soft plastics, PE, PP, rubber, nylon, and for bonds that are subject to bending stress.

Because of its low viscosity, the 2-component watch glass glue is only suitable for bonding in which the adhesive composition cannot flow away during curing.

Contents: 100g resin C and 40 g hardener V20L
Special feature Resin 100 g/hardener 40 g
Inhalt 140.00
Unit content g
Article name Watch glass glue
Eigenschaft 2-component adhesive
Dangerous goods from quantity 11
Brand Hasulith
Version Uhrgläser (Gläser aller Art), Modeschmucksteine, unbehandelten Edelsteinen
Manufacturer name Hasulith

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